Featured on Teach a CEO’s CNBC’s The Profit: Finally…a Reality TV Show with Valuable Lessons

#1 Embrace Change, Don’t Resist It

One episode of The Profit was an examination of how one business owner can single-handedly sabotage a feasible business.. LA Dogworks was once a prosperous dog boarding, grooming and training supercenter. The amenities are top-notch, and, as Lemonis mentions in the opening sequence, with 50 million dog owning households, LA Dogworks should be a recession-proof business even in a rough economy. Since pets are loving extensions of the family, affluent dog owners in the LA area will certainly splurge to ensure their dogs receive the utmost care and comfort. Sounds like a successful business opportunity, right?  Meet Andrew, the vitriolic owner of LA Dogworks. This man, with “delusions of grandeur” (Lemonis’ words) has demeaned his staff to the point of revolt. Given every opportunity to see the error of his ways, Andrew ultimately lost a $1 million dollar cash injection that would have spread his vision nationally.  He could not keep his ego in check or respect his business’ greatest asset – his employees.

If Lemonis was able to tame Andrew, the potential for LA Dogworks was significant. Ignoring the unhealthy workplace hostilities for a moment, Lemonis wanted to improve the business and the brand before taking it national. With a higher occupancy yield, a customer loyalty program and the introduction of private label retail products, LA Dogworks would make a sound investment. Lemonis even wanted to partner with the local SPCA to offer dog adopters their initial service free to promote return business and encourage dog adoption. Unfortunately, there was no common ground with Andrew – even with these seemingly common-sense business suggestions.

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