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To help people understand the behavior of cats

In the early 1980s I adopted two kittens and not knowing the first thing about cats I proceeded to be the worst cat owner on the planet. So much so that my veterinarian told me to euthanize the cats. Instead, I went home and became determined to fix what I had messed up. Back then there was ZERO information on cats and behavior problems. Dogs? Yes. Cats? No way. So since there wasn’t a path already paved for me, I paved one for myself. I apparently did a good job because the veterinarian started sending his worst cases to me. Word spread around NYC about my skill and an accidental career was born. I abandoned my dream of being a singer (probably a wise move on my part) and began a career of doing cat behavior consulting in 1982 when NO ONE had ever heart of such a thing. I was laughed at for years because people thought the idea of training a cat was insane. I kept at it (much to my mother’s huge embarrassment) and became the best-selling author of 7 books, the founder of the cat division of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and am considered a pioneer in the field. Now that I’m an old geezy girl of 58, I am enjoying the fact that I have been a mentor to many and influenced what is now a very popular profession. I am also the host of Discovery Channel UK’s upcoming TV series “Psycho Kitty.” I am the behavior expert to Friskies and have been for about 10 years. In my career I’ve been the behavior expert for Yahoo, ivillage and Cat Channel. Been the behavior columnist for Cats Magazine, Catster and the Daily Cat. Been interviewed and profiled in countless magazines and newspapers.

Thanks to Pam Johnson-Bennett, Cat Behavior Associates, LLC

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