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Photo Credit: Gary Castelle

Photo Credit: Gary Castelle

An entire company dedicated to being outside the box

My whole business is based on outside the box thinking. I design, manufacture & distribute specialty dog products. When I walk into a pet store (the bigger the better) I look for what products they DON”T have. Everyone knows that the pet supply industry is booming, and has been for years but the marketplace seemed is overcrowded with retailers selling the same products. This leads to such competition, that profit margins are greatly reduced and more often than not, being competitive requires importing cheaper products from China. My first product was the SILL SHIELD, a no tools required windowsill protector for dogs that bark out the window. There are several large pet companies selling them but since I am the source, I can control the pricing, which is set to work with the shields being made in the USA. I also have a shield to protect dogs and my latest product (and my favorite) is a unique Velcro leash reflector. I have a number of other products in various stages of development, none of which are currently available anywhere.

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