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#47 – My 2 Dogs

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Image Credit: Katherine Kotaw

KOTAW, the name of my Los Angeles content marketing agency was inspired by the love story of two dogs, Dakota and Woofie. Dakota, a Great Dane, rarely strayed from my side until he spotted Woofie, a golden retriever-chow mix that was homeless and injured. Dakota know from first sighting that Woofie was the dog of his dreams. Woofie wasn’t so sure about Dakota — or me. For 23 midnight outings, Dakota made me walk him until he confirmed that Woofie was OK. Sometimes he spotted her nose sticking out of a bush; sometimes she remained entirely hidden, but responded to his cries with a gentle “woof.” But Woofie refused all offers of food or affection. On the 24th night, Woofie followed us home and lived with us for 15 years. Her romance with Dakota was made for the silver screen. Her resistance to wooing taught me a lot about potential marketing clients. For every business owner who falls in love with KOTAW at first sight, 99 need to establish a relationship with our company first. Like Dakota, we work hard to earn the trust of potential clients. Sometimes it takes days, sometimes years to build a relationship. Like Dakota, we believe the best clients are worth the effort — and the wait. So that’s why the company is named KOTAW. It’s a blend of Dakota and Woofie’s names: Da(KOTAW)oofie.

Thanks to Katherine Kotaw, Kotaw!

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