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#2 – New Product

Image Credit: Lisa Spector

By combining my music talent as a concert pianist and Juilliard graduate with my love of dogs, I create music for dogs that relieves canine anxiety. We launched Through a Dog’s Ear in 2008 with our first CD and book. In 2016, we launched our 3rd generation of iCalmDog, the portable solution to canine anxiety. iCalmDog 3.0 is a compact player that comes with 4-hours of our clinically tested music on a micro SD card that auto-repeats. It chills out Buster at the vet, groomer, doggie daycare, crating time, etc. Also, it’s great for leaving with Buster at home when his people leave and take all of their portable music with them. While we launched our first generation iCalmDog in 2013, iCalmDog 3.0 is the first fully customized unit geared towards a sensitive canine nervous system. We’ve eliminated all the extra beeps, flashing lights, etc that can actually stress out dogs. Although it’s Bluetooth enabled, we’ve made it as simple as an on/off switch.

Thanks to Lisa Spector, Through a Dog’s Ear!

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